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How to choose the best location for your business?

There are many factors to consider in order to be successful in business. Beyond the product or service you offer, the location of your business will have a decisive impact on your chances for success. In this blog, we present the main elements to consider when choosing the best location for your business.

Choosing a location for a business: 6 essential criteria



Your business must be easily accessible to your customers and suppliers. Whatever your field of activity, proximity to highways and major roads is always an advantage. The presence of parking spaces lack thereof can also become an issue if you have several employees or if you regularly receive customers in your office.


It is important to choose a location that will give you high visibility. This will help you attract potential customers and develop your reputation. The location of your business should reflect the positive brand image you are targeting.


Are your neighbors direct competitors? A rigorous market study will allow you to identify companies operating in the same sector as yours and the geographical area in which they are located. Use this information to your advantage to choose a strategic location for your business.

4.Site layout

The layout of your future office or workshop space must meet the needs of your business and your industry. Do you need a closed office to welcome your clients in complete confidentiality or a large garage door to receive your products? You must consider the surface area of the premises, but also the possibilities that they can or cannot offer you.

Loft office with workstations and a beautiful light.

Tattoo artist in his converted studio, office space to rent in Vaudreuil

Woman preparing pastries, commercial space to rent in Vaudreuil-Dorion

Configuration of a workshop for rent with shelves and closed office

5.Evolution of the business

Over time, you may need to redesign the space or access more square feet. Make sure you choose a space that will allow your business to grow and reach its full potential.


You think you’ve found the best place for business, but does it fit your budget? It is important that the mortgage or monthly rent is in line with your ability to pay. The financial viability of your project depends on it. For self-employed workers or start-ups, leasing is an option to be considered, as it reduces financial risks and offers more predictability in the short and medium term.

Ready to take the plunge


A trusted partner

When you decide to start a business, it is reassuring to know that you are understood and supported by a team that understands your reality and your needs.

At Mon Espace Atelier, we offer spaces, offices and workshops for rent that are equipped, modular and can be arranged to meet the current and future needs of your business.

The MEA advantages

Our all-inclusive formula is very popular with our tenants. Since all building expenses are included in the monthly lease cost (common expenses, energy costs, etc.), you know exactly how much you need to budget for your office space.In addition, the location of each of our projects has been carefully studied to promote the visibility and accessibility of the business owners.

A strategic location

 We are present in Joliette (phase 1), Saint-Jérôme (phase 1 and phase 2), Sainte-Thérèse (phase 1 and phase 2), Vaudreuil (phase 1 and phase 2), Mascouche (phase 1 and phase 2), Drummondville (phase 1) and soon everywhere in Quebec!

Are you looking for the best location for business? Our team will help you find a location that meets your needs. Contact us to find out if our flexible leasing concept and our workshops for rent are right for you.