Frequently asked questions


      1. The all-inclusive package covers all monthly building fees, parking and a financing service. This includes:

      2. The base rent
      3. Common expenses
      4. Energy costs (electricity, heating and cooling)
      5. Occupancy permit and signage
      6. Interior design and layout service
      7. Plenty of parking
      8. Our financing service available upon request


    With this all-inclusive “7 in 1” concept, we want to make your life easier and allow you to concentrate on the essential: your business’ success.

No. Our concept of workshops and offices to rent is based on a minimal lease of one year.

The rental cost of our workshops, spaces and offices varies according to each business specificities, the period of the lease and the possibility of being financed for your work. We invite you to make an appointment with our leasing department in order to obtain an accurate and real estimate that considers your needs and your company’s reality.

It is possible to integrate into your lease a part of the leasehold improvements made to your premises. We offer a financing plan over a period of 12 to 36 months maximum. The approval of each request is left to the management of Mon Espace Atelier’s discretion according to the cost to be financed, the nature of your business and your history.

No. The storage of vehicles as a primary activity is not allowed at Mon Espace Atelier.

No. All mechanical and motor vehicle repair activities, as well as all types of welding, are not permitted at Mon Espace Atelier buildings.

No. Mon Espace Atelier’s buildings are not designed to accommodate these two types of activity, nor any type of vehicle repair.

No. All types of maintenance and washing of vehicles, as well as all types of rustproofing are not allowed at Mon Espace Atelier.

Yes, of course. Generally speaking, we accept all types of workshops with or without offices, as long as the tenant does not use contaminating, corrosive, explosive products, that generate excessive heat or that consume excessive energy in electricity or water. Ex. cryptocurrency, car wash…

Our workshops are designed to accommodate all activities known as prestige industrial, commercial service and professional offices, in other words, activities that do not harm other tenants, the building or the environment. Outdoor storage is prohibited. Our buildings are smoke-free. Pets are not allowed.

    1. Our plans offer a

number of measures

    . Here they are:

  1. Parking with surveillance camera
  2. Large green spaces
  3. Exterior and interior lighting at the Security Del
  4. Picnic and bicycle area
  5. Semi-buried trash can
  6. A double planting with a large display
  7. Charging stations available
  8. White roof with high greenhouse effect reduction
  9. Energy efficient heating and cooling systems
  10. General construction according to new energy standards