An Innovative Concept

Mon Espace Atelier sets itself apart offering for prestigious industrial, commercial and office spaces for rent. Its innovative concept allows entrepreneurs, artisans, workers, and professionals to have access to spaces tailored to their needs, budget, and branding. Since 2015, we rank first in the field of workshop rentals for small businesses in Quebec.

Our Vision

To remain a leader in the small workspaces and offices rental industry in Quebec.

To offer small prestigious industrial, commercial and office workspaces that are modular and multipurpose in an all-inclusive formula.

Ideal for small and new businesses in Quebec.

Our mission

We strive to support small and new businesses in their entrepreneurial endeavours by giving them access to premises corresponding to their image, budget, and needs.


Delivery of the 3 final projects, Vaudreuil phase 2 (33 units), Drummondville phase 1(43 units), Mascouche phase 1 (46 units). For a total of 380 rental units to date. Start of construction of Mascouche phase 2 (42 units).


After 7 consecutive years of growth, MEA has the wind in its sails. Construction of 3 projects, Vaudreuil phase 2, Drummondville phase 1 and reconstruction of Mascouche phase 1, acquisition of Boisbriand phases 1 and 2 and preparation of Mascouche phase 2.


This is a year of expansion for Mon Espace Atelier. We finish the construction of our first building in Mascouche and will be welcoming our first tenants in fall. We begin, at the same time, the construction of phase 2 in Vaudreuil. In addition, we are undertaking a brand new project of rental workspaces in Drummondville.


We start the construction of a 75-unit building in Vaudreuil-Dorion, phases 1 and 2 (53 workshops and 22 office spaces). This will confirm our presence in Montérégie. Our first units will be available in December 2020. We are already planning the construction of our Mascouche project, phases 1 and 2.


In October 2019, we complete the construction of project no 2, in Sainte-Thérèse, which is also our head office. It includes 42 commercial spaces for rent (30 workshops and 12 office spaces). We draw the plans and prepare the launch of phases 1 and 2 of the Vaudreuil-Dorion project. In the same year, we launch the second phase of the Saint-Jérôme project to meet the demand. This 20-workshop building opens in December 2019.


Mon Espace Atelier establishes itself in Sainte-Thérèse. Our first building of 21 units opens in October. Then, in October, we finish building project no 2, which is also our head office. It also includes 41 commercial spaces for rent. At the same time, we start phase 2 on the adjacent land. We are also proud to be among the finalists in the following categories: “Innovation” and “Développement immobilier” at the Gala Zenith presented by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Metropolitan Saint-Jérôme.


We implement the first phase of the Saint-Jérôme project which includes 25 units. The first workshop spaces will be ready towards the end of June.


Our first project, Mon Espace Atelier is established in Joliette. In March, we complete the construction of our two buildings. From then on, our first tenants start to occupy the buildings which offer 35 units for rent. We also have the honour to be the chosen «Personnalité du mois de décembre 2015» and to be nominated in the category «Personnalité d’affaires de l’année 2016» at the Gala Excelsiors presented by the Chamber of Commerce of Joliette.


We acquire lands in the industrial park Nazaire Laurin, in Joliette. We start marketing our project, and we prepare the plans and permits. Finally, we are present on the media and social networks.


The name Mon Espace Atelier is registered as an official trademark, and the company begins its activities. We register our company name Mon Espace atelier, and we start our activities.


After spending four years assessing the market and developing its concept, Mr. André Paiement is reshaping the future with the creation of Mon Espace Atelier. It’s an innovative project in the field of commercial and industrial rentals designed specifically for small and microbusinesses of Quebec.