Kalyane de La Natura Casa dans son local loué chez Mon Espace Atelier à Saint-Jérôme

Profile of La Natura Casa

It was following an inspiring trip to Spain that Kalyane Poliquin decided to set up La Natura Casa. This young company was founded in August 2018 and it promotes a lifestyle that emphasizes the benefits of nature. “We set ourselves apart by offering unique and warm aesthetic services and treatments.” From full facial to hair care, the company offers you a great treatment option. La Natura Casa has even promoted its range of natural products. Come and meet this young entrepreneur, who will open her door to you to offer you a space of relaxation in which she will gladly share with you her love for well-being.


Kalyane Poliquin first set up her business in her home, before deciding to move into our premises after one of her relatives referred us. She, therefore, began her efforts to choose her ideal location and fell under the spell of our team of enthusiasts. The turnkey option allowed her to quickly establish her business and welcome her clients.


Our group of entrepreneurs is also conducive to collaborations between tenants. This is the case with La Natura Casa, which set up its vanilla oil product thanks to the collaboration with the neighbour company Vanaë: “I love Mon Espace Atelier and the opportunity to grow my small business.”